Investment Thesis

The energy and resource intensive industries are at an inflection point as they respond to global growth, environmental imperatives and technological advancements. Expectations for how energy is delivered are changing rapidly.

Energy Innovation Capital invests in companies that are building innovative businesses and technologies transforming the energy and resource intensive industries. Our investments focus on enabling the future of energy across three themes.

Energy Transition

We are at the early stages of a multi-decade shift in the energy sector toward a lower carbon economy. EIC believes we need rapid, large-scale innovation in energy supply, demand reduction, and optimized distributed energy systems to meet societal and regulatory expectations. We believe that some of the greatest opportunities lie in technologies that will make this emerging energy infrastructure more efficient, more effective, and lower cost.

Digital Technologies

Digital technology is transforming every aspect of our lives, from always connected mobile devices to on-demand personalized solutions-as-a-service.  In the energy and industrial sectors, digital technologies and solutions are having a profound impact on product development, manufacturing, markets, and logistics. EIC believes the continued improvements in low-cost computing capability, high-speed connectivity, cloud hosted services, advanced analytics, modern open code, autonomy & robotics, and other advancing technologies are critical to the success of the digital industrial and energy revolution.


Human prosperity depends on the energy industry. EIC believes that the energy industry will play a major role in developing conventional resources in an increasingly sustainable way. EIC is committed to investing in companies that can help deliver conventional energy resources the world needs, more sustainably, through the multi-decade transition. Technology innovations are required to reduce and verify emission intensity, improve operational efficiencies, integrate carbon mitigation solutions, develop new bio-based chemistries and circular economy solutions and materials.